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East Coast Ghost Trackers

We are a paranormal group based in Bangor Maine. We have performed numerous paranormal investigations, in cemetery's, homes and businesses in the state.

What do we do? We will come to your business or home and tour the place with you to see where the paranormal activities are happening. Then we will determine where we  can place our equipment and how many team members we will need. This usually takes about an hour. From there we will set up a date and time for the official paranormal investigation.

Investigations almost always take place on a Friday or Saturday night. They can last for 6 to 8 hours. All investigations are done at night and run past midnight. It is important that in private homes that children and pets be removed from the home during this time so there is minimal interference with gathering the evidence.

Once we arrive at the place of the paranormal investigation site we will introduce the investigators and walk them through to show them where we will be setting up the equipment. We set up several stationary cameras and the rest of the equipment is hand held. We use digital recorders to capture EVPs (electronic voice phemomena). We take base readings, pictures, temperture,and emf readings (electro magnetic field).  Then we break up into teams to do the paranormal investigations.

After the paranormal investigation is over all the evidence we have caught on cameras and recorders will be put on a disk for you and set up a time to meet with you to show you what we caught.

We have established this website to share our experiences and inform our readers about ghosts and the paranormal.   We hope that you will explore our site and find it entertaining and educational. Please contact us if you have any questions about the paranormal or to share your experiences and also if you have a haunted house or a business that may have paranormal activity.  

Ken Ort, Founder and Lead Investigator
Jamie Dube, Co-Founder/ Lead Investigator/Coordinator
Hannah Baird, Case Researcher /Investigator
Stacey Downes, Equipment Tech Manager/ Investigator
Susan Mairhuber, Evidence Tech/ Investigator
Lisa Dauphinee, Investigator
Ben Layman, Investigator

Diesel- K9 ghost hunter